Managing Government Grants

Reviewing recent changes and best practices

Due to the increase in federal grant funding, more organizations are becoming first-time government grant recipients, maybe without understanding the daunting compliance requirements. For those who have received government funding previously, this can pressure traditional grant recipients to refine their strategies and compliance capabilities. This means additional workflows and processes to manage the grants activity.

Knowing where to begin is challenging.

In this whitepaper, nonprofit management expert Rachel Werner explains the current landscape for government grants as well as what organizations need to know about managing this funding source, such as:

  • What are the OMB’s updated requirements and how to prepare for them
  • How to identify your operational, infrastructure, management, and personnel needs to manage this influx of funding
  • What processes and internal controls to focus on to address contractor procurement and financial management

Download this whitepaper today to help your organization understand and manage the requirements for government grant funding.

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