Online Fundraising for Nonprofits

An online fundraising tool for nonprofits that makes engaging with your donors and raising money effortless. That’s Blackbaud Luminate® Online. 

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Organizations Using Luminate Online for Fundraising and Nonprofit Marketing Campaign Automation

Discover how Blackbaud Luminate Online helped these organizations and more build online fundraising platforms and nonprofit marketing campaigns. 

Comprehensive Cloud Solution for Engaging Your Constituents

Blackbaud Luminate Online provides everything you need to acquire more constituents, build online fundraising campaigns, and nurture sustainable donor relationships. Our convenient cloud-driven solution includes strategic ongoing services that not only get you up and running but help set your organization up for long-term success.

When you partner with Blackbaud, our consultants will work with you to design a fundraising or engagement campaign based on your goals. And once you’ve landed on a final design from our library of templates, we will help you get your project off the ground with three months of nonprofit marketing campaigns.

Our online fundraising software also comes with powerful peer-to-peer and advocacy add-ons, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) integrations. These solutions enable you to create a full nonprofit engagement experience for campaign supporters and your organization. 

Blackbaud Luminate Online Features and Benefits

Online Fundraising Tool

Take your online fundraising game to the next level with campaigns based on prospect data, easy-to-use online fundraising tools and donation forms, and best practices in security and technology.

  • Create, build, maintain, and grow a powerful online fundraising campaign—one of today’s most influential ways to engage new donors and raise money
  • Personalize dynamic donation forms with your supporters' contact information and previous donation amounts, so you don't leave money on the table
  • Rest easy knowing your donation forms include Blackbaud Merchant Services™, which provides world-class financial security; plus, with our Credit Card Updater option, you don't lose money when your donors’ credit card information changes or expires

Dynamic Email Campaigns

Manage effective email nonprofit marketing campaigns every step of the way—from creation and testing to targeted delivery and follow-up.

  • Get more from interacting with your donors and supporters by sending personalized messages and content tailored specifically to their interests
  • With our fundraising software, you can create and deploy automated welcome messages when new supporters join your cause in just a few clicks. Did you know personalized messages that feature supporters’ interests are four times more likely to convert a supporter to a donor?
  • Leverage our powerful action-based reporting and A/B testing to tailor and tweak your email campaign to get the best results possible

Digital Marketing Solutions

With digital marketing solutions from Luminate Online, you can easily create web pages and microsites that support your online fundraising initiatives and donor engagement strategies.

  • Customize pages with personalized or members-only content quickly and easily
  • Expand your reach with unlimited landing pages that enable you to create multiphase nonprofit marketing solutions to support your creative wishes
  • Extend your mission’s reach and attract new donors with eCard campaigns to engage donor networks

Resources for Luminate Online

From quick video tutorials to in-depth guides and more, check out these helpful resources on how to create effective online fundraising campaigns with Luminate Online.  

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Blackbaud Luminate Online

  • What are the best email tools for nonprofits?
    Nonprofit organizations have unique email requirements. The best email tools for nonprofits have a tight connection to other, related tools like donation forms, event management, and advocacy systems. Details about all these related activities help ensure effective, personalized email outreach to nonprofit supporters.
  • What Does Marketing Automation Mean?
    Marketing automation utilizes software to handle routine, repetitive tasks. Nonprofits can use marketing automation to welcome new donors, convert one-time donors to sustainers, or invite advocates to pursue more volunteer opportunities with the organization. This frees up the humans to do more high touch, high value interactions with nonprofit supporters.
  • What Is Marketing Automation Software?
    To achieve the most efficient use of staff time and resources, many nonprofits leverage marketing automation software to accomplish repetitive tasks. Many tasks within lifecycle marketing – welcoming new donors, engaging lapsed supporters, reminding event participants of new opportunities to engage – can readily be handed off to a marketing automation system.
  • How Can Marketing Automation Help Nonprofits?
    Sophisticated nonprofit organizations leverage marketing automation to “do more with less”. Repetitive tasks like stewardship of new low-level donors can be entrusted to a marketing automation system that delivers prescribed content according to a set or variable schedule. This frees up staff to engage in more high value, strategic activities.
  • What’s the Role of Email Campaigns in Nonprofit Marketing Automation?
    Email campaigns play a central role in nonprofit marketing automation. Nonprofit marketing automation campaigns use triggers – like clicking a link or donating – to send contextually appropriate communications. For instance, once a campaign gift is made, donors might move into a “thank you” workflow, while non-donors continue to receive donation solicitations.
  • What Types of Online Fundraising Does Blackbaud Luminate Online Support?

    Blackbaud Luminate Online supports a full spectrum of innovative online fundraising activities to empower nonprofits and other social good organizations to raise more money, including: 

    • Online donation forms for one-time gifts and sustainer giving programs
    • Memorial and tribute donation forms
    • Peer-to-peer fundraising for in-person events and virtual events
    • Innovative systems for online galas
    • Integrated fundraising for use with online gaming systems 
    • Fitness tracking integration for fundraising with virtual challenge events
    • Virtual food drives
    • Marketing automation for high volume email fundraising campaigns
    • Text-to-give and SMS-messaging based fundraising campaigns 
    • Integrated payment processing for online donations and registrations
  • Why is donor retention important?
    Donor retention refers to the number or percentage of this year’s donors who returned from the prior year. Organizations with high retention rates see donors return year after year and often realize a higher lifetime value from supporters. Organizations with poor donor retention must continually invest in attracting new supporters.
  • What is nonprofit donor outreach and engagement?
    Donor outreach and engagement programs ensure supporters have consistent, positive, valuable interactions with a social good organization. Outreach and engagement helps ensure supporters feel they are effectively fulfilling their goals for supporting the organization – whether it’s learning more about a disease, helping children and families in their communities, or advocating policy changes.
  • How Does Blackbaud Luminate Online Help Nonprofits with Donor Outreach and Engagement?

    An effective donor outreach and engagement system provides tools for interacting with supporters and the intelligence to discern what message and which channel is best for each individual. Blackbaud Luminate Online provides system for effective outreach techniques like: 

    • Automatically nurture first-time donors to grow their relationship with the organization
    • Coach and encourage peer-to-peer fundraisers to ensure their success
    • Dynamically segment supporters to create the right engagement path for each person
    • Personalize solicitations so the “ask” is appropriate to the donor giving history
    • Learn more about supporters’ interests and needs with integrated data collection tools
    • Personalization options to make every communication seem relevant and unique
  • How Does Blackbaud Luminate Online Help Nonprofits Accept Donations and Collect Fundraising Money?
    Blackbaud Luminate Online provides secure, high-performance fundraising tools for online donations, sustainer giving programs, online event registration, and in-person, hybrid, and virtual peer-to-peer fundraisers. The system features integrated payment processing and is secured by advanced fraud prevention systems.

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