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What’s included in a Blackbaud Learn® Subscription
Your new Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® training subscription will give members of your organization unlimited access to 60+ courses and 100+ hours of expertly designed course content. Features of the subscription include:

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The Value of Blackbaud University
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A Glimpse of Our Most Popular Training Courses

Learn more about the structure of General Ledger records, how to configure fields and tables, and explore efficiency tools to make the journal entry batch process a breeze.

Class Length: 1.5 hours
CPE Credits: 1.5

Learn how to streamline your invoice entry, make adjustments, and manage all aspects of your invoicing.

Class Length: 1.5 hours
CPE Credits: 1.5

Get hands-on experience confirming check settings, approving payments, and completing post-printing tasks.

Class Length: 1.5 hours
CPE Credits: 1.5

Learn how to improve collaboration between departments. Develop strategies for improving communication between departments and explore how Finance and Development teams can work together to achieve their common goal of mission success. Identify common obstacles to organizational collaboration and ways to overcome those obstacles to ensure your organization is well-managed and impactful.

Class length: 3 hours
CPE Credits: 3

Learn how to prepare your organization to close out its books and end the year on a high note. Develop strategies to ensure internal and external audits go smoothly. Plan how to prepare key staff for the audit by explaining the process and acquiring the appropriate documentation. Identify the financial statements needed for annual reports. Troubleshoot common end-of-year problems, and create policies and procedures to set your organization up for success, this year, and next year.

Class length: 3 hours
CPE Credits: 3


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"The Blackbaud University training is incredible! I have never used a software where I have been so trained; I feel in control of my professional development."

Angela Warling, Finance Director, Kairos

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase this training subscription for my other Blackbaud solutions?

Browse our training offers available to purchase online. If you are looking to purchase a training subscription for a different Blackbaud solution, contact us and we will respond with the best option to fit your organization’s needs.

How will members of my organization get access to the training courses?

After your subscription purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that will include instructions on how to access the training courses. You will also receive a link to help you add new users to

What if I own training for another Blackbaud solution?

This subscription will offer you access to Blackbaud University’s Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT training courses. If you have a subscription for another Blackbaud solution, the subscription only provides access to that solution’s training courses.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions about your current training subscription.

Does this subscription provide unlimited training?

Yes, all members of your organization have unlimited access to the training courses during your 12-month subscription.

I am unfamiliar with Blackbaud University training. Is this subscription valuable for me?

Education is an ongoing process and a valuable investment in the long-term success of your organization, your mission, and your people. With this subscription, your organization has made an investment in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT. The goal is to help your staff attain the knowledge and skills needed to increase productivity and achieve objectives.

View Blackbaud University’s Overview Guide.

Is this only for Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT users or can other members of my organization use this training subscription?

This subscription also provides access to Blackbaud University’s product-agnostic Organizational Best Practices courses which are applicable to all members of your organization, not only those who use Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT.

Check out the Organizational Best Practices curriculum.

Why is this subscription purchase cheaper online than buying through my Blackbaud Account Executive?

At Blackbaud, we are always looking for ways to improve the customer’s buying experience. By offering Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT customers the ability to purchase a Blackbaud Learn training subscription online, we can streamline our back-end processes, cut costs, and pass those savings directly to you!