System Requirements

System requirements are subject to change. Please ensure you have the latest information before making any purchase decisions. If you are running any other Blackbaud products, please refer to the System Requirements for those products separately.

Last updated: May 26, 2020

Standalone/workstation supported versions

Operating system and browser

Windows 8 or Windows 10

ResearchPoint supports Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Safari 10 or higher (Mac OS only), Chrome and Firefox. For RE7.96 and prior integration Internet Explorer 11.0 is recommended.

For optimum performance, Blackbaud recommends using the latest available version of your chosen browser.

***For Raiser’s Edge integration, .NET Framework 4.5.2 is required.


Processor (CPU)

Intel processor 2Ghz clock speed or faster

Memory (RAM)

4 GB minimum


SVGA (1024 x 768 recommended)

Other compatibility information

The Raiser's Edge integration

ResearchPoint is compatible with Raiser’s Edge 7.96 Patch 11 with Raiser's Edge/Online Express Hotfix Utility and higher SQL Server versions. Oracle is not supported.

To connect ResearchPoint with your Raiser’s Edge database, you must have the Mobile Service for Raiser’s Edge installed and running on your server or a single workstation that stays on, and is always connected to the Internet.

Note: Raiser’s Edge does not need to be open and running at all times for users to use integration through the mobile application. Rather, the server or workstation just needs to remain on. Clients wishing to use integration capabilities to transfer summarized asset, wealth, and giving capacity data into Raiser’s Edge must have the RE:Search module (Prospect Tab).

Clients wishing to use integration capabilities to transfer summarized assets, wealth, and giving capacity data into The Raiser's Edge must have RE:Search module (Prospect Tab)

***For Raiser’s Edge integration .NET Framework 4.5.2 is required.



Processor (CPU)

Intel processor 2Ghz clock speed or faster

Memory (RAM)

4 GB minimum


SVGA (1024 x 768 recommended)

Internet Recommendations


Broadband Business Grade cable modem or DSL or higher; Min 10 MBPS download and upload per workstation.

Internet connection

Connection via HTTPS to the application web server. HTTPS traffic requires that both ports 443 and 80 are open for outbound and inbound activity. Note: If using a Firewall, verify access to the ResearchPoint URL is allowed -

Site connectivity

Broadband (business grade cable modem or DSL) or dedicated circuit (fractional/full T1) scaled to aggregate of concurrent application(s) users (100-200 kbps per), private line, or frame relay.

Remote connectivity

Broadband (Cable Modem or DSL)

Recommendation and disclaimer

Security recommendation

Blackbaud employs security best practices for all Blackbaud OnDemand systems, including the protection of all systems and information located at the Blackbaud Data Center, as well as communications between systems at the Blackbaud Data Center and client servers and workstations.

Although Blackbaud makes every effort to ensure the security of client data, it is imperative that organizations also employ security best practices at their site(s) and on their workstations.

Recommendation disclaimer

System recommendations are based on information available on the last updated date. They are published only as a guide and relate solely to Blackbaud software. Performance and response time are affected by many factors related to hardware (such as RAM, processor speed, and hard disk subsystem performance), network configuration (such as NIC performance, cable type, topology, operating system, parameters, and traffic), and the database (such as size, number of concurrent users, and the type of activities each user is performing). In addition, network and workstation operating systems, third-party software products, and our own products are continuously updated with new features and options, which often place greater demands on hardware.

Blackbaud recommends the purchase of top-of-the-line equipment when possible and that organizations budget for continual upgrades to their system. Blackbaud staff may provide limited informal guidance based on information made available. However, neither these system recommendations nor our staff’s guidance constitute a guarantee of compatibility, outcome, or performance. We encourage organizations to consult their own systems staff or outside technical experts to ensure appropriate results. Comprehensive technical consulting services are available through Blackbaud. Under a separate consulting arrangement, our consultants evaluate the installation of all Blackbaud applications and recommend optimal hardware and system configuration options. Email [email protected] for more information.