BlackbaudU Campus FAQ

What is changing?
  • Blackbaud University is transitioning to a new learning management system (LMS). This transition will give our site a fresh look and the ability to offer exciting new learning opportunities. Training Central will be re-named BlackbaudU Campus.
What is not changing?
  • All the resources you currently have access to within your organization's Learn® training subscription will continue to be available, including eLearning, instructor-led courses, and virtual bootcamps
When will this change occur?
  • The transition will take place November 8th-12th. There will be no live instructor-led training during this time. Users will have access to on-demand eLearning and Certification exams through our legacy system, Training Central.
  • Training Help chat will be unavailable November 8th-12th. Please direct training questions and/or inquiries to [email protected] and our team will respond within 24 hours.
  • BlackbaudU Campus will launch the week of November 15th
What will happen to my currently scheduled training?
  • All currently scheduled training will be reflected in your transcript on the new LMS site
What will happen to my completed trainings and certifications?
  • All completed trainings and certifications since 2019 will be reflected in your transcript on the new site
  • Trainings and certifications taken prior to 2019 can be downloaded and saved prior to the transition for your personal records by taking these steps before November 5:
    1. Go to
    2. Select Training and Support > Training > Training Central.
    3. Hover your cursor over My Training and select View My Transcript.
    4. Change the Active tab to Completed.
    5. Click the ellipsis (...) near the upper-right corner and choose Export to PDF.
How will I access the new site?
  • You will log in to the new site as usual, using your current Blackbaud ID credentials

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